Country Analysis; Japan

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I need a research paper which analyses Japan on its main economic variables. The analysis must include Graphs and charts, and the graphs and charts must be analyzed (do not just put a graph. I will be attaching a PDF file where instructions are given: Take into consideration only number 1 and 3 a. on the PDF file. All Sources used must be presented. Use only sources from the internet, no books and journals. Main economic variables to be analyzed are:
a) GDP growth during the last 10 years.
b) GDP per capita during last 10 years.
c) The country’s main economical sector or industries. (must include Automotive, Electronics, Robotics and Transportation industries).
d) Inflation rate during last 10 years.
e) Unemployment rate during last 10 years.
f) Exchange rate evolution during the last 10 years.
g) Commercial balance (export – import) during last 10 years.

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