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Develop creative interventions in urban social problems, applying any/all of the design principles and tools you’ve learned and online research and real-world resources. Be prepared to present your intervention in a creative way during the adobe connect session. What tools did you use? What design principles did you follow? How does the intervention connect to larger systemic drivers? What was the narrative strategy?
This is a PowerPoint presentation of 10 slides
Morrow, Rosemary. Earth User’s Guide to Permaculture. Permanent Publications. 2006.
Starting Permaculture (Chapter 1, p. 5-8)
Permaculture’s Ethical Underpinnings (Chapter 2, p. 9-13)
Ecology: Life’s Networks (Chapter 3, p. 17-26)
A Sense of Place (Chapter 26, p. 247-251)
Living in Communities, Villages, Suburbs, and Cities (p. 252-258)
Mollison, Bill. Permaculture: A Designers’ Manual. Tagari. 1988.
Methods of Design (Chapter 3, p. 35-69)
Read “Resilience-Based Organizing,” draft article by Movement Generation (online)

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