Critical and Creative Perspectives on Dementia

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Question: Critically discuss the potential for creative and arts-based approaches to i) enhance social networks in the context of dementia care; ii) support inclusive practice; and iii) enable user-participation. Describe at least one case study (up to 300 words in length) taken from your reading or from your own practice or caring experience in support of your discussion.
Assignment Must be from Course reading, so you will require workbook.
I have plenty of Journals and A detailed workbook if you require? Please don’t hesitate to contact me, so I can e mail you details.
Please see comments from Tutor:
To make these more relevant and as such to improve the focus of the assignment you need to make more explicit links with the content in this area to the question being discussed. It is important to remain focused on the topic at hand throughout your discussion – and while we welcome visual images these need to be anchored in the text to show how they support your argument. Much of your commentary is descriptive rather than analytical and critical, you may wish to explore further some of the reading from the critical reading and writing skills.For future occasions try to move beyond more generalised references to your own experience to outline specific examples and show your ability to reflect on these using the reading you have done.

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