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In this assessment you are required to:
1. Locate and read 10-20 journal articles published since 2009 relating to human factors and work performance and or healthcare quality and safety
2. As you read these articles take notes identifying the human factors that influence work performance and specifically how these factors influence work performance and in particular the performance of health care workers. Critical appraisal of the literature is: ” a process of carefully and systematically examining research to judge its trustworthiness, value and relevance in a particular context” (Buris, 2009). In terms of critically appraising the literature for the purposes of this assessment you need to ask yourself these questions when you are reading the papers:
•Is the paper published within the timeframe required i.e. after 2009
•Is the paper from a credible source i.e. a peer-reviewed journal
•Does the paper address the topic – reading the abstract should be sufficient to identify this
•What does the paper say about human factors? work performance? Does it discuss the relationship between human factors and work performance and quality and safety in healthcare? If not, can you make any comparisons or identify a relationship between what is being said about human factors and work performance and how these may influence quality and safety in healthcare?
•Do you agree with what the authors are saying or not? If yes, why? If not, why not?
•Have any of the other authors said the same thing? If yes, then when you are writing the essay then you can state the various authors that have the same or differing point of view?
3. Write an essay with an introduction, body and conclusion in which you:
•define the term human factors and work performance
•identify the relationship between human factors and work performance and the relationship between these and quality and safety in healthcare
•Using the notes you will have taken when reading the literature, develop an argument about the relationship between human factors and the work performance of health professionals and how this impacts the quality of health care and the safety of healthcare.

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