Critical Incident: On the Train

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Choose a cultural incident for analysis. You need to provide a copy of the chosen cultural incident in the Appendix.
Your assignment is to analyse the incident in relation to the cultural theories and ideas that we have considered during the course. You can choose to analyse your incident with reference to any of the ideas below:
• Edward T. Hall’s Cultural Iceberg and Cultural Values
• Bartlett’s Cultural Schema Theory
• Edward T. Hall’s ideas on Time, Space and Context
• Clothaire Rapaille’s Cultural Codes
• Geert Hoefstede’s Cultural Dimensions
• Martin Gannon’s Cultural Metaphors
• Trompenaar’s 7 Dimensions
You can choose to analyse your incident with reference to only one theory or with reference to several or many.
Format: Report: (I.e. provide headings of the elements that you have decided to consider and write under these headings).
Word Count: 1,750
It’s recommended that you support your observations with evidential support in the form of quotations and in-text referencing where possible, as this is good academic practice.
Structure and Language: you will notice that 20% of your grade goes to ‘Structure and Language.’

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