Critical review essay

4 to 5 page critical review essay about the movie “The House I live in”


(This is the official link to the film, but you will need iTunes, Amazon, Netflix, etc. to watch it.)

Or you can try the following link, but you may get pop-ups and other inappropriate ads…but at least it’s free

You can also simply try to find it on YouTube in 10 minute chapters.


Top 10 Critical Thinking Skills:

  1. Asking relevant questions
  2. Detecting bias
  3. Checking our own “frame of reference” and assumptions
  4. Placing issues in proper context
  5. Being consistent with logic and reasoning
  6. Recognizing the use of rhetoric and being able to read between the lines
  7. Understanding how fallacies are used
  8. Identifying alternative arguments
  9. Making distinctions between facts/evidence and unfounded claims
  10. Using all of these skills to find alternatives and solutions to social problems.

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