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Required reading
* Kilborn, J. (1997).?Process for writing a summary.?(2001). Retrieved July 7, 2005, from?
* Goleman, Daniel. (1998). The emotional intelligence of leaders.?Leader to Leader, 10, 20-26.
* McCrimmon, Mitch. (2005). Thought leadership:?A radical departure from traditional, positional leadership.?Management Decision, 43 (7/8), 1064-1070.
You can get a copy of each article by going to UMUC Databases and E-Journals ( and accessing the?Business Source Complete?database (for either the Goleman or McCrimmon article). There are prepared instructions to help you use the Web databases (
2. Your critical thinking paper?
For this assignment, you will summarize the articles by Daniel Goleman (1998) and Mitch McCrimmon (2005) from your required reading (see above). For each article, identify the author’s major conclusions and discuss the research the authors performed to reach their conclusions.?Avoid quoting directly from each article as these summaries should be entirely in your own words.?(If you want to quote a one- or two-word phrase, that is fine, but nothing longer because?a major reason for this assignment is to practice?paraphrasing?which indicates a thorough understanding of the information in the articles.) Finally, discuss in which of the two articles the author’s discussion is?more?convincing.?Use examples from your own experience to support your?conclusions.?Note that your personal experiences and opinions are welcome but ONLY in a well-marked conclusions section.
Be sure your paper conforms to APA style.?Your assignment should be written in?one?file, with at least six parts: 1) a title page, 2) an introduction, 3) a summary of the first article, 4) a summary of the second article, 5) a conclusions section, and 6) a reference list. (You are not required to have an abstract for this short paper.)?Please consult the APA style resources I have provided below (including the “sample paper”) as well as your Hacker textbook ("A Writer’s Reference").
You should submit your paper to Turnitin as part of this process.?For information on Turnitin, please refer to the information that Bill posted in the "Discussions" area.?You should have received e-mail from him as well with your log-on information and password.?Be sure that your paper has less than a 15% matching rate ("similarity index") and that anything that does match is properly cited.?(Again, do not have anything more than one- or two-word quotes for this assignment since the emphasis is on paraphrasing. And yes, you should INCLUDE quotes in your Turnitin score.?If necessary, please make changes to your paper as a result of your Turnitin report and run the report again.
When you are satisfied with your paper, you should attach it (as a Microsoft Word file) to the “Critical Thinking” link in your Assignments folder in LEO. The assignment will be graded and is due Tues., April 22 at 11:59 p.m. EDT. You can use a guideline of five?pages for the paper PLUS the title page and reference list.?Yes, your title page and reference list are in addition to the five full pages of text. I strongly recommend that you use helpful?headings?throughout your paper to organize your work.?Again, your own opinions and personal experiences are welcome, but please save them for your well marked conclusions section?ONLY.

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