Critically review ONE of the following texts

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You are required to critically review ONE of the following texts:
R. Keohane, International Institutions: Can Interdependence Work?’, Foreign Policy, No. 110, (Spring 1998), pp. 82-94
A. Wendt, Anarchy is What States Make of It’: The Social Construction of Power Politics’, International Organisation, Vol. 46, No. 2, (Spring, 1992), pp. 391-425.
Criteria assessment for this paper:
Demonstrate and apply theoretical knowledge of the key concepts and theories related to the
Compare, contrast and evaluate concepts, theories and case studies related to the
Make sure you Identify, analyse and evaluate contrasting arguments using
evidence to justify your view
Undertake secondary research using information literacy skills related to the subject
Communicate knowledge and research results related to the question in the form
of an essays.

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