Critically review the evidence for the role of social environment and stress in the aetiology and course of schizophrenia

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Format – Critical Review/Literature Review.
Conform to APA guidelines (6th edition), written in the form of a review paper suitable for submission to a journal.
Must directly answer the essay question and keep referring back to it throughout the essay, make clear how the content is answering the question/scope/aim of the review.
To address the topic please ensure the below questions are answered:
– Outline the DSM-5 diagnostic criteria for schizophrenia as a psychiatric disorder.
– Critically review the evidence for the role of early experience, family and social environment, cultural factors and stresses in the incidence and course of schizophrenia
– Consider alternative explanations for the role of these social factors and how well the research has addressed these
– Consider if the presence of these factors argues against a model of schizophrenia as a brain disease or whether the roles of biological and social factors can be integrated.
– no dot points
– try not to use direct quotes if can avoid it
– avoid using non-academic/professional online websites
– state the aim of the paper and justify why chosen topic
Sources to be peer-reviewed – articles, journals, edited books, thesis etc.. Try to avoid internet sources, unless high quality/respectable for definitions only, (ie DSM).

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