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Subject Area : Women Studies.
1. Students must demonstrate an understanding of the relationships between consumer culture and popular ideas about gender, race, ethnicity, class, sexuality, age and ability.
2. Students must intervene to disrupt, challenge and bust these messages in a creative and original way.
* Select an ad from a popular magazine that communicates particular messages about gender/race/class/age/sexuality/ability.
* Analyze the ad to decode the embedded messages about gender, race, class, age, sexual, and ability.
* Analyze how these messages are linked to consumers and consumption.
* Create an intervention that disrupts these messages by producing two (2) anti-ads or culture jams based on the original ad.
* In a three (3)-page essay (750 words, typed, double-spaced, Times 12 pt font, 2.5 cm margins), outline and analyze the original messages of the ad and the ones you wish to communicate with your anti-ad. State why you believe these messages to be important.
* Use relevant course readings to support your arguments. These culture jams should offer a critical perspective on how gender is represented.

The essay section should answer the following questions:
1. Describe the type of ad that you have chosen (i.e., lifestyle, information, humour, self-improvement, etc). What is the source of the ad? Why did you choose this particular ad?
2. Who is the target audience for the ad?
3. Describe how the advertisers have constructed ideas about gender (with race, class, age, ability, sexuality) in the ad. For example, you might discuss the use of colour, character representation, layout and placement of product and the attached textual messages.
4. What is your message? How do your culture jams disrupt or bust the original ad? Why are these messages significant?
5. How does the imagery in your culture jam reflect your thoughts about representations of gender in consumer culture?
6. What did you learn from your intervention?
Please Note:
For this assignment, at least two (2) references to course readings or films must be clearly integrated into the essay. These references must be listed in a bibliography, using an academically accepted format (MLA or APA).
* The original ad as well as your culture jams must be included with the essay. If the original ad is on a large poster, for example at a bus stop, photo images of the original and your culture jams are acceptable.
* Assignment page length approximately 5 pages: 3 page essay, 1 page original ad, 1 page for each culture jam
* Feminisms Matter: Debates, Theories, Activism by Victoria L. Bromley, University of Toronto Press, 2012
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