Culture of Fear

Culture of Fear

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Choose a contemporary case of racial “tension” drawn from the last 18 months ( one example is the bit older case of Clippers owner Donald Sterling). In approximately two pages, write your assessment of the case and your reflection on a culture of fear and the alien. Feel free to use (that is, you should) Rah’s thoughts in chapter 3 (“Church and Culture”) and John’s view in chapters 7 &8 (“How Systems of Privilege Work” and “Getting off the Hook”) of their respective books to help you think through your thoughts (this does not mean you have to agree with the authors, but that you should use them as someone to argue against/agree with in regards to your thoughts on a culture of fear and the alien). In addition, how do our thoughts toward the “alien” or “foreigner” sit with our Christian understanding of being “aliens and foreigners” in this world?

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