Current Issues in International Finance

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Topic: Current Issues in International Finance
Question 1: Critically Discuss the Development of the European Single Currency from 1991 to Date
Questions 2: Explain why European Union policy has been to introduce a single European Currency (the Euro)
* Economic
* Political
Discuss any difficulties arising from the introduction of a single currency.
Suggestion answer:
* Economic Reasons:
* Encouragement of Trade Within the EU
* Reduction of Cost of Financial Transactions Within the EU
* Removal of Translation / Transaction Risk on Trade Within the EU
* Political Reasons:
* Promoting Convergence of Economic Policies Within the EU
* Goal of European Monetary Union (EMU):
* By the End of the 20th Century
Question 3: Methodology for Single Currency:
* Delors Plan
* Failure of the Delors Plan
* 1995 Plan
* Convergence Criteria
* Degree of Compliance with Convergence Criteria
* Strength of Euro

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