Customer Value Creating Logic and it recourses

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The course name : managing strategy and growth
The following is the requirement:
select two firms, each from a different industry sector, will need to analyse each chosen business and the respective competitive environments to provide:
> A background and overview of each business and the competitive environments
> A reasoned determination of the customer value creating logic of each firm
> An assessment of the critical tangible and intangible resources and capabilities each firm must have to fulfil its determined value creating logic
> A report that characterises the relative importance of the resource stocks available to each firm (as prescribed by the determined customer value creating logic), the type of advantage the resources/capabilities provide to each firm and the extent to which these resources are defensible in each firms competitive environment
> A comparative analysis of the strategy that underpins the growth of the two firms that describes how and explains why there should or should not be differences between the business models of the two firms
> A discussion that synthesises the analysis and concludes how a firm’s industry and competitive environment relates to or influences business model design for competitive advantage.
I have done most of the report but I would like the writer to
1- kindly EDIT AND WRITE more in the field of ( customer value creating logic and the tangible and untenable recourses of the 2 companies on page 7 and 9 )( ONLY )
2-kindly read the whole paper so you can add based on my paper and the use of your external references
3-please USE ACCESSIBLE REFERENCES so I can use it correctly and go back to it if i need please make sure of the requests.
please use the same structure as I will copy your whole work and paste it to the original document
ARF customer value creating logic
ARF tangible and untenable recourses
Exclusive brand customer value creating logic
Exclusive brand tangible and untenable recourses

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