Database Assignment

Data Mart Design

3.1. The identification of two subject areas, identified during 2, which would be of benefit to the managers your organisation.
3.2. The design of the star schemas associated with both subjects area identified in 3.1
3.3. A discussion of the granularity of dimension and fact tables
3.4. The extension of one of the star schemas into a snowflake schema.

4. Data Mart Implementation

4.1. Implement a prototype of the data mart by creation of the required tables.
4.2. Discuss how you will you implement the ETL process? E.g. full or incremental, online or offline extraction?

5. Data Analysis

5.1. A discussion on different OLAP techniques, with reference to data cubes.
5.2. An explanation how your data mart could provide relevant information for your managers
5.3. This should include three relevant data queries. (You need to include sample scripts)

6. Conclusions

6.1. A discussion of strategies to overcome future challenges.

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