Death is a universal experience

Watch Programs 6 and 7.

Here’s a link to the descriptions of the programs.

Here’s the description for Program 6 and 7.

Program 6. Death

Death is a universal experience. Throughout history, art has served to help people understand death, prepare for it, and cope with it. From the funerary arts of ancient Egypt to Mexican Day of the Dead festivities in modern times, art shapes and reflects attitudes toward death, as well as approaches to living. Italian-born artist Angelo Filomeno’s works explore the intermingling of death and fantasy

Program 7. Domestic Life

From tables and tapestries to bowls and baskets, art has always figured prominently in domestic life. Within living spaces, objects of aesthetic value have fulfilled practical functions, indulged individual fancies, and expressed shared values. Art turns houses into homes and enriches the activities of everyday life. Textile artist Faith Ringgold explores the line between high art and craft by combining painting, quilted fabric, and storytelling

For the discussion board essay for this program – Describe what each program is about. Then, describe your reaction or opinion of what you saw in each the programs. Give at least 4 major topics from each program. Name 2 or 3 items  in each show that you thought were interesting.

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– Mesopotamia and Ancient Greece

Part One – Mesopotamia


First read the following links as background information.

From these readings, which artwork do find the most interesting? which do you like the best? Describe your favorite of these sculptures. Describe the readings. Name one thing that you learned from the reading.

The reading in ArtLex describes Mesopotamian art as being shaped by a community of peaceful farmers and traders. Later, Asyria’s art is described as “proudly portraying” pillaging, tearing down cities and killing enemies. Look through the examples of our weblink reading or use google (or another search engine) for examples of this period that fit these descriptions. (Be sure to post links for your examples. Don’t forget to check if they work!) Is there a reason for this change?

Post a link to a site on Mesopotamian Art (beside Wikipedia). Post either an interesting Mesopotamian artwork or a link to a Mesopotamian artwork. Tell why you think that it is interesting.

Part 2  – Ancient Greece

First, read this link.

Ancient Greece, 1000 b.c.–1 a.d.

Then, read 3 essays from the list of links about Greek and Roman art found at the following site.below.

Thematic Essays -Greek and Roman Art in the Ancient World

As you read, be sure to click on the images so that you can see a larger view. Also, click on any links (highlighted words) found on the pages of your chosen articles.

Write a short description in a new thread of all 3 weblink articles that you have read. Include the links to the 3 artworks that you have found interesting. Explain what the art pieces are, where they were made, why they were created, etc.

Then, in the same posting, describe something that is still in contemporary use that shows a classical influence. For example, on some coins there is a building that is similar in style to Greek buildings.

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 – Art from India
Recognizing the Gods

South Asian Art and Culture

Read the web articles above from the Metropolitan Museum. Be sure to click on any images or linked terms within the article.

When looking at art from other cultures, it is important to notice what signs and symbols suggest stories from that culture or their religious beliefs.

Describe what you have read in the article in your discussion board essay. Describe 2 artworks that you have found in these websites and provide links to these artworks. Do you see any of the symbolism that was described in the article in your artwork? In what way does the artwork that you’ve chosen make a good example as a work of Indian art?

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