Describe and justify how you will analyze your data and the descriptive statistics will you present.

Note: I need help with these two homework.

Home work # 01

I have created my study design.  However, I have these 4 remaining questions that need to be addressed.  I need you to answer them briefly but sufficiently.  There is no word limit. You may answer each question in a paragraph or more, but your answer must be proper. I f you use any reference in your answer, must cite it in APA, but your answer must be 100% original. My proposed study is attached. Read it carefully before answering. 


  1. Describe and justify how you will analyze your data and the descriptive statistics will you present.
  2. Explain how you conducted your power analysis.
  3. Describe how you will handle your data, check for accuracy etc.
  4. What problems do you foresee in implementing the design? How might you prevent them or otherwise mitigate the problem?

Home work # 02

Following are the 4 questions. I need you to answer them accurately. Thanks


  1. The cumulative probability distribution function of a Rayleigh fading distribution is given by
    where is the variance of the distribution. Explain in your own words what the cumulative probability distribution function indicates in this case. If the rms value is given by , compute the percentage of time that a signal is 12 dB or more below the rms value for a Rayleigh fading signal.
    2. Define the terms mean excess delay, rms delay spread and the coherence bandwidth of a communication channel. The local average power delay profile inside a building is given by:
  2. Tabulate the Power Delay Profile of the channel in dBm. Use n = 0 as the reference.
  3. Compute the mean excess delay and rms delay spread of the channel.
  4. If GSM requires a 200 kHz bandwidth, determine whether this channel is suitable for GSM service without the use of an equalizer.
  5. A stationary transmitter has a center frequency of 2 GHz. Compute the maximum and minimum spectral frequencies received by a mobile travelling at a speed of 100 km/hr. What is the frequency of the received signal if the mobile is moving in a direction perpendicular to the direction of arrival of the transmitted signal? Justify your response using your knowledge of Doppler shift.
  6. What role does FCC play in spectrum allocation and why is it important? Select one of ISM, UN-II, and licensed bands, including the wireless applications assigned to that band.


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