design analysis

Develop an original instructional design analysis
Type: Assignment – Written Assignment
Learning Outcomes Assessed: 1, 2, 3, 5
Due Date:
Weight: 50%
Task Description:
Assignment 1: Develop an original instructional design (Approximately 3000 words)

You are required to develop an original instructional design analaysis. Your report on the analysis should contain the following sections:

1. An overview that includes a title for your design, a statement of the purpose of the design, a brief description of the learners, and where the design would be implemented.

2. An overview of the instructional design process you will follow.

3. An analysis of factors impacting on the design, including:

  • Problem
  • Context
  • Learners
  • Task (including critical justification of learning types framework)

4. A conclusion that indicates the next steps in the design process.

5. Reference list

6. Appendices (optional and not included in word count)
Criteria & Marking:
Assessment criteria

1. Clarity and succinctness of writing

2. Comprehensiveness and clarity of explanation of instructional design process

3. Comprehensiveness and depth of analysis of design factors

4. Standard of referencing

This assessment item:

  • is a school based activity
  • is an individual activity
  • does not include a self assessment activity

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