destination management

destination management

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2000 word Individual Essay
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Assess the value of hosting events as a strategy for sustainable destination management.

Write a 2000 word essay on the topic outlined above.  Be sure to work within the word limit.  Only the first 2000 words of the essay will be considered in the marking process.  N.B. The list of references does not count toward the word limit..

It is recommended that you use at least five text books and five journal articles to support your essay. Always attribute sources properly using the Harvard style of referencing.
An academic essay contains continuous prose and is written using the third person so you should not refer to yourself or the reader in a direct manner.  A strong essay will incorporate discussion of all key concepts and themes set out in the topic.  Very strong essays will incorporate relevant information gained from governmental tourism reports and plans.  Strong essays will do more than simply describe the current state of play with respect to the destination management plans in these locations.

The following space allocations are provided as a guideline for this assignment:

Introduction, identification and explanation of key terms and the relationship between them, set out the purpose of the essay and your approach to the topic – 1 page

Setting the context for your discussion. Outlining possible directions for the discussion but being sure to emphasise and justify your approach and outline the points you will cover – 1 page

Body of the essay, development of key themes for the topic – 3 pages
Conclusion – 1 page
These suggestions are not intended as a plan, merely to provoke thought and refection for discussion within your assignment answer


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