Developing Cultural Competencein Physical Therapy Practice.

I need a grammar, content and reference review of AMA style. I am also uploading syllabus , so you can see what the peofessor wants. alos run turintin for plagiarism. Ill check before submission. If not up to standart , i will dispute.


Here is the textbook reuired. you must use content from it. also , include more references.

This class calls Cultura Competence in Physical Therapy


BlackLattanzi JF, PurnellLD.Developing Cultural Competencein Physical Therapy Practice. Philadelphia, PA 19103, FA Davis Co, 2005. (ISBN: 0-8036-1195-1)










/ 50







Subject is covered

thoroughly, integratingassignedreadingsandadditional sources asappropriate.



Ideas are

presentedclearlyand logicallyin useful format.

Rules ofgrammar,

spelling, punctuation, usageare followed throughout. Consistentlyfollows AMAguidelines for references.



Subject is covered

adequately, usingsomeassignedreadings oradditional sources asappropriate.



Ideas areusually

clearand arranged in acceptable format.

Mostlyconsistent, errors

do not interfere with understanding.

Minor deviations or inconsistent use ofAMA referenceguidelines.























Assignments:(Whatyou will submit forreview andgrading)

  • A five to ten pagepapersynthesizing thereadingsandweb-based trainingon the topic of cultural competencein health care.
  • Include a reflectiononyour pre and post results fromthe Cultural Competence Reflection Checklist posted on the online platform.  You should complete the checklist prior to accessing course material and then again after completing the course material.
  • Your paper should focusonwhatyou have learnedfrom this course, using the course objectives as a guide,and howyou will implement that learningintoyour current or futurepractice. Additional references areexpected.


Submit assignment to the online platform


NOTE: Assignments with grammatical, spelling, or typographical errors are unacceptable.  Composition and organization of written assignments are expected to reflect graduate level skill. Having someone proofread 

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