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This paper is should cover diet and its relationship as a risk factor for chronic diseases, healthy diet choices, mortality rates, trends, US and Global statistics, policies and initiatives from CDC and WHO. Please provide the paper in APA 6th edition format with references included within the text of the paper. Use the following structure for the paper (include these headings in the paper):
I. Executive Summary (brief background and overview- 1 paragraph)
II. Introduction (include scope of issue, why it is important and to whom)
III. Relevant Data (morbidity and mortality data, trends, etc.)
IV. Discussion(Discuss topic and provide supporting research/studies)
V. Summary (future implications and initiatives)
VI. Bibliography (cited in APA 6th edition format; references should be included in the document – Example: (Smith, 2012)
I will provide some material to be used in the paper as attachments.
PLEASE follow these instructions very closely to avoid additional time added for revisions. I appreciate you in advance!

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