Direct Marketing Dissertation Topics

The world of direct marketing is a complex one that involves a wide range of tools and techniques that can be used to target consumers in a predominantly transactional manner. Direct marketers rely on information and a series of direct marketing media such as direct mail, magazines, newspapers, TV/radio, co-ops, telemarketing/teleservices and the Internet to disseminate their messages and acquire new customers. Here follows some suggested topics of direct marketing, which you could use for your marketing dissertation.

  • How does Tesco use its loyalty schemes to sell direct to the customer?
  • How does the importance of factors that influence direct selling vary according to product type?
  • Do customers respond differently to short and long-term offers? The case of magazine sales.
  • In what ways do toll-free (freephone) numbers influence consumers’ response to direct sales promotions?
  • How does the nationality (accent) of telemarketers influence customer response?
  • Do consumers know how to protect themselves from unscrupulous direct marketing tactics?
  • How does message length affect the success of direct marketing messages? A comparison of online and offline mediums.
  • Can direct marketing be used to build customer relationships or is it simply a transactional medium to acquire new customers?
  • Can direct marketing be as effective as a group-orientated tool as it is an individual orientated one?
  • How do prospecting methods differ in an online and offline environment? The case of the book industry.

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