Direct Marketing Strategy and Campaigns Plan

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As an individual you are to submit to the tutor a Direct Marketing Strategy and Campaigns Plan to satisfy the Brief published by the Institute of Direct Marketing for GAP360. This can be found at
where you should click on ‘download this year’s brief’. The document on ‘rules’ at the same site shows details of the length of document required.
During analysis of the situation, research and strategy planning you should work informally in teams of 3-6 to share information and discuss ideas and approaches to the task. Agree teams with the tutor. In the later stages of refining your plan and finalizing your plan detail you may wish to work alone or with others. (Consult your tutor about this).
Guidance on sources for research for your PESTE and SWOT analysis is available in class and on arrangement with our subject Librarian. (Mintel, Passport GMID, FAME etc.)
You should bring your plan to class each week to discuss progress with the tutor and be prepared to contribute links online through BlackBoard.. You may also make appointment with the tutor if progress cannot be made in class. You are expected to apply some of the Key Models in the core textbook by Alan Tapp. These are presented in class by the tutor. Full attendance is in your own interest.

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