Discuss Internship Activities and Responsibilities of Management

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The report should be 2 typed pages (1 inch margins, Arial, 12 font) Describing
a) the internship activities and responsibilities of management,
b) what skills you have developed during your internship, and
c) how you will apply what you learned to your desired career.
I work for NOAA Fisheries in the Operations, Management, and Information Division. The SEFSC Operations, Management, and Information (OMI) Division serves as the Center focus for coordination with the Regional Office to ensure appropriate integration of regional OMI functions. It reports to the Regional Administrator through the Science Director.
The Division provides primary advice, support, and guidance for the Southeast Fisheries Science Center and the Southeast Regional Office in the following areas:
2.Tactical and Operational Planning
3.Scientific Program Management
4.Facility Management
5.Information Systems Management
The work that is performed here is as follows and not limited to:
1.Coordinates the development of advice on the selection and priority of region-wide science and management program goals, objectives, and measures of accomplishment; monitors the use of resources and provides advice on the most effective and efficient distribution of resources among regional programs.
2.Coordinates all regional planning and development efforts, ensuring involvement of the appropriate internal and external stakeholders.
3.Communicates information and guidance from Headquarters and Regional Administrator and provides advice and assistance to Center Laboratories on administration, human resource management and information systems.
4.Responsible for an integrated information network and information management system for the region, ensuring adherence to national standards.
5.Represents the region, as appropriate, on national data management and information technology working groups
Coordinates, for the Science Center, scientific program reviews, internal and external communications; and budget processes including execution and formulation.
6.Coordinates administrative operations (e.g., responses and reporting, administrative orders, foreign travel.
7.Coordinates Center, participates in research partnerships and grants programs.
8.Coordinates policy development
Manages NMFS diversity for the Center.
9.Provides SEFSC staff support to the Regional Board, and prepares/maintains SEFSC organizational charts, functional statements, and staffing plans.
10.implement agency policy in relation to the NOAA Strategic Plans and NMFS Strategic Plans and associated documents.
11.manage the strategic and implementation planning processes for the Southeast Science Center and Southeast Regional Office.
12.update input to regional Strategic and Operational Plans annually
13.identify strengths and weaknesses in programs to respond to national and regional needs.
14.coordinate the design of new strategies and approaches.
15.organize and coordinate scientific program reviews by internal and external review panels
16.provide leadership for region-wide strategic planning and regional involvement in national strategic planning activities
17.develop strategy and coordinate liaison activities and research partnerships with fishery management councils, federal and state agencies, national science organizations, universities, and other stakeholders
18.provide assistance to the Science Director in organizing briefings, meetings, conferences, and other special events with user groups
19.support the regional Public Affairs staff by reviewing fishery management and other scientific and technical material designed for public dissemination, maintains a listing of external events, ensures proper Center representation of NMFS and consistency in the communication of NMFS policies and services.
20.serve as a vital link between NMFS offices to clarify directives and requirements
21.coordinate a career-planning process which includes staff training and individual development plans
22.provide information concerning position management and performance management
23.develop and maintain databases
develop and maintain a network of scientists for program assistance
24.coordinate the regional NMFS rotational assignment program and conflict resolution/mediation service.

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