Discuss the benefits and drawbacks for a large organisation in adopting an ERP system, giving consideration to how the management could use the organisation’s culture and structure to help implement a new system

References should be in Harvard/APA style. Those are the suggested sources. Ke, W., & Wei, K. K. (2008). Organizational culture and leadership in ERP implementation. Decision Support Systems, 45(2), 208-218. Jones, M. C., Cline, M., & Ryan, S. (2006). Exploring knowledge sharing in ERP implementation: an organizational culture framework. Decision Support Systems, 41(2), 411-434. Scapens, R. W., & Jazayeri, M. (2003). ERP systems and management accounting change: opportunities or impacts? A research note. European accounting review, 12(1), 201-233. Aladwani, A. M. (2001). Change management strategies for successful ERP implementation. Business Process management journal, 7(3), 266-275

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