Discuss the proposal to ban aspartame from foods – should it be allowed as a food additive? What is behind the bans and why is this an issue of debate?

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using the techniques of good report
writing covered in workshops, illustrating the student’s ability to collect, analyse and use
information to explain the issues of a topic of current importance to science to a person
who does not have a scientific background. The purpose of this assessment item is to
provide formative feedback on the quality of report writing produced by the student.
The assignment is designed to bring together many skills discussed in the modules
leading up to the assignment submission. These include:
accessing, evaluating, summarising and organizing information; writing logically to
develop and communicate a message; using evidence to support a case; exploring all
aspects of an issue; referencing, citation and avoiding plagiarism; presenting professional
reports; and managing your time effectively. You will be required to use the Turnitin 30881 SCIENTIFIC LITERACY
9 facility provided on the vUWS site for checking the plagiarism level of the parts of your
report that include the introduction, the main body of the text and the conclusion. Any
document showing n unoriginality level greater than 10% will not be acceptable. You will
be instructed on how to use Turnitin to reduce the non-original content of your writing
until it meets acceptable levels.
The final report will have all additional features added after Turnitin checking – these
include the cover sheet/ title page/ Turnitin report / abstract/summary/ table of
contents/ reference list/bibliography / appendices. This complete report will then be submitted through an assignment box in vUWS – not through Turnitin. Additional
detailed criteria will be supplied during the workshops and the tutorials. These will
include such additional instructions about :
the sequence of sections, how to print the text (font and size and spacing), format and
number the pages, what goes onto the cover sheet and how this differs from the title
page, how to write and include the abstract/summary, how to construct a table of
contents, protocol for including pictures and diagrams, what the appendices should
consist of and how to list the appendices, what goes into a bibliography and what goes
into the reference list, and how to bind and present the hard copy of the report.

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