Discuss the roles that output and interaction play in linguistic development

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1. what is the difference between acquisition orders and developmental stages/sequences? Be sure to provide and explain complete examples of each type.
2. The model below depicts some of the basic processes involved in the creation and use of an implicit linguistic system. Describe the three sets of processes below and the relationship among them.
I= input processing
II= accommodation and restructuring
III= output processing
3. Describe the First Noun Principle and the conditions under which the principle may be overridden( i.e., the conditions under which L2 learners won’t mistakenly rely on the FNP).
4. Summarize the method, procedure, and results of the White and Juffs (1998) study ( as cited in White, 2007) and mention the importance of the results for UG- based approaches to SLA
5. Describe the processability hierarchy— all procedures and an example of the type of structure each one enables a leaner to produce – and its implications for language learning/teaching.
6. Discuss the roles that output and interaction play in linguistic development ( be sure to review Gass & Mackey, 2007.) when discussing interaction, be sure to mention how interaction leads to language learning ( a la Gass & Mackey, 2007 ).
Required Material
VanPatten, B. (2003). From input to output: A teacher’s guide to second language
acquisition. New York: McGraw-Hill.

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