Discussion on Themes of the Course

Discussion on Themes of the Course

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This is a Masters of Special Education course. I have uploaded three word documents for you to use and follow that will help you on this assignment. The first one gives a detailed overview of this class and what is expected. The second word document explains the discussion assignment in great detail with instructions and guidelines to follow for the requirements of the paper. And the third word document has all of my weekly discussions for you to read and review for this assignment.
Discussion on Themes of the Course


For this discussion, you will have an opportunity to review the reading discussions and key terms from the course. As you review the reading discussions I have uploaded, identify two to three quotes that resonate with you and that you feel represent the important concept(s) from this course. Also, there is one more opportunity to review the key terms and reflect on how your knowledge of each term has changed. You will tie all of the big ideas and themes from the course discussions together. A large portion of this assignment will be spent on reviewing, refining the past discussions and key terms. Look below to revisit the key terms quiz one final time.


• Post one of the quotes you selected from the earlier discussions. Include the source (article, book, etc.) for the quote.

• Provide an explanation for why you selected the quote and how it relates to the important ideas in the course; this explanation should be a minimum of four to six sentences in length.

• In addition, provide a summary of how your understanding of the key terms has grown or changed throughout the course. Your summary should be four to six sentences in length and include at least one specific example illustrating your changing knowledge.


Please only use the one quote you chose out of the weekly discussions for the source.

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