Do Core Stability Exercises Improve Function and Pain Levels In Chronic Low Back Pain More Than General Exercises?

Please find the draft with feedback. You need to more carefully put into practice my repeated and consistent feedback which again is that:
I have deleted approximately 30 percent of your work it is descriptive, wordy and very repetitive. This makes the whole assignment unclear. You need to continue to do this and consider my suggestive changes carefully.
You need to make use of subtitles to improve the flow and clarity of your work. For example LBP How CSE improve pain and function, Evidence for use of CSE, Guidelines for exercise. Evidence for DIFFERENT exercises and CSE.
There are sections on traction and manual therapy which are totally irrelevant and need to be deleted.
Overall it is too descriptive with lots of repetition and not yet good enough to pass at M level.
IMPORTANT: You need to provide much more specific detail in your discussion on quality and type of evidence reverie regarding biases in terms of sampling, male female numbers chronicity of pain, methodological limitations, outcome measures used, levels of significance and limitations of the studies. I say this to you every time I review your work.
Some paragraphs need to be rewritten to provide more discussion on why the results may be different and link these to other studies including different exercise interventions and heterogeneous samples.
Please read a few systematic reviews to understand how to do this.
I have made many alterations for you over 2 and a half hours again. I suggest that you will need to spend a few days on this to ensure that it passes. At the moment this is not up to a pass standard. Please ask someone to proof read it again when you make the necessary changes.
You must also apply more clinical reasoning so again you need to read around similar reviews to ensure you understand them.
You need to add the NICE and other guidelines into the ref list (BIBLIOGRAPHY) and refer to it within your draft.

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