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Determine the appropriate length of a rail dock (in feet) given the following information. The average railcar loaded is 42 feet long and hold on average 40,000 pounds. The dock needs to support a demand of 5,013 cwt/day with 4 railcar changes per day.
What is the appropriate length of the rail dock (in feet)?
If the facility could increase the railcar changes to 5 per day, what would the appropriate length of the rail dock?
Determine the appropriate number of shipping dock doors for a truck dock given the following information. Trucks deliver 400,000 cubic feet of product each day from this facility and the average truck holds 3,200 cubic feet. It takes 3 hours on average to load a truck and the facility works 3 shifts of 8 hours each day.
What is the appropriate number of shipping dock doors needed for this operation?
If the facility decided to discontinue 3rd shift shipping, how many dock doors would be needed by 1st and 2nd shift?

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