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A Comparative Analysis of Hewlett-Packard (HP) and Dell Companies
By Name
Background Information
Hewlett-Packard xxxx and xxxx xxx xxx xxxx prominent xxx xxxxxxx xxxxxxxxx xx computers xxx software industry xxxxxx While xxxx companies occupy x significant position in the xxxxxxxxx xxxxx business has different management xxxxxx and xxxxxx xxxx influence how xxxx carry out their xxxxxxxx operations. xx xxxx case, xxxx company adopts unique strategic xxxxx xxx xxxxxxx of product marketing and promotions to outperform each other xxxxxxxxx 2012).
xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx is a multinational information xxxxxxxxxx firm based xx the United States that is a major xxxxxxxx of xxxxxxxx and software xxxxxxxx xx xxxx small and xxxxx business organizations xx the xxxxxxx xx xxxx a history by xxxxx the xxxxx xxxxxxx is the xxxxxx xxxxxx to adopt a xxxxxxxx policy for its workforce as xx effort to xxxxxxxxx work-life xxxxxxxx The xxxxxxx xxx undergone
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