Does the Design Argument Prove God’s Existence?

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Fall 13: Phi 10 Introduction to Philosophy First Paper Topic
Topic: Write a 1500-2400 word dialog (approx. 5-8 pages) on the following topic:
Imagine you are a talk show host in the future. Your show has a time machine, which enables you to have long-dead philosophers on your show as guests. This week, your guests are David Hume and William Paley. The topic of your show is “Does the Design Argument Prove God’s Existence?” Write a 1500 word transcript of your show. Be sure to follow the instructions listed below:
Readings: William Paley, “The Watch and the Watchmaker,” 83-86;
David Hume, “A Critique of the Teleological Argument,” 86-93. contains a helpful supplement to the above readings.
1. By all means have fun with the talk show format. But make sure that you cover all the
points made by the two philosophers. Don’t use up too much of your paper
introducing guests or describing talk-show brawls.
2. Describe the arguments of the philosopher in as much detail as you can, and in your
own words.
3. On the basis of what the two philosophers say, you as talk show host must decide
whether the design argument proved God’s existence
4. Make sure to reference all quotations and paraphrases from the text.
Rules for submitting your papers
1. Submit your paper to
2. Complete the plagiarism avoidance checklist (see over) in class on the due date.
3. Make sure you avoid plagiarism by referencing all quoted or paraphrased material, AND by reading the document on plagiarism posted on blackboard. A quote is defined as five or more words in the same order taken from a source.
When you paraphrase from the text, you must provide an exact page number for the passage being paraphrased. Below is a model for how to reference paraphrases, taken from a student paper:
Joe: Every culture that exists needs to have this otherwise they wouldn’t exist in the first place. (Rachels, 698)

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