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Week Six Discussion Questions
· Dehydration happens when there is less water taken into the body than leaves the body. About 75% of the average adult body’s weight is comprised of water alone. What are the signs and symptoms of dehydration? How can dehydration be treated and prevented?
· What are some of the causes of dehydration? Define diuretic and include 2 examples. What are some ways to counter the effects of diuretics in the body?
· Define the two different types of minerals. Choose one of each type. What are the minerals’ functions, dosages, nutrient sources, symptoms of deficiency, and consequences of toxicity?
· Which is safer: bottled or tap water? Explain your answer.
Week Seven Discussion Questions
· Use the University Library or the Internet to retrieve an article on one common digestive problem.
What are some of the ways this digestive problem can be treated or managed? Are there nutrition and/or other lifestyle factors that contribute to this digestive problem? Explain your answer.
· Think of some of your favorite foods when you were 10 years old. Are they still your favorites? Do you think you will be eating the same foods you eat today 20 years from now? What are some of the reasons dietary modifications may be needed in different stages of a person’s life? Provide three examples to support your answer.

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