Draw from the sociotechnical debate to discuss the emergence of two technologies – one developed before 1920 and one after – using two concepts from the module.

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Two concepts: you can choose two concepts from: Assembly line, Ethernet, Internet and networks of practice, Printing press(before 1920s).
Requirements: use concepts to debate Technological determinism vs Social determinism.
Demonstrate your understanding of the debate :
What is this debate about?
What does each side suggest?
Explain using your own words; focus on how you understand this debate.
Apply this debate to the emergence of two technologies.
Develop arguments for each of the two sides.
It is not necessary to take sides if you don’t do!
Structure of your essay:
Present your topic: what is it about?
Present briefly the structure/plan of your essay that follows
-Main body (you may use headings; signposting)
I. heading
II. heading
III heading
What was this essay about?
What were the key points?
Other Information: You need to draw upon two concepts only to develop your essays. The concepts you draw from need to be explicitly stated in your essay. You are allowed however to make reference to other relevant concepts that will help you construct your argument.
Content of essay:
Explain concepts, ideas and arguments in your own words – don’t take things for granted or make assumptions.
Consider the use of quotes to highlight some significant arguments authors have made (abstain from using too many quotes!).
Avoid superficial or deterministic statements.
The main body should bring together the concepts you discuss. Make a rigorous discussion about them.
Make links and show relations between the concepts and link them to the essay topic.
-Be critical and must use examples to support argument.
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