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Topic 2. Linguistic features of e-communication in English
Barjars and Burridge (2010), with reference to David Crystal, claim that different forms of e-communication combine features of speech and writing.
For this essay collect samples of one type of e-communication in English (e.g., chats, blogs, emails, etc.) and provide an analysis of its linguistic features drawing on concepts and perspectives taught in the unit.
Use Internet sites where this kind of information is public-ally available. Save the data you’ll be analysing in a separate file with sources listed. The amount of data should be around 1000 words. If you have access to information about the participants of the communication, it is important to mention it in the essay. The essay should include the description of the data collected. The data should be submitted as an appendix to your essay.
Starting points
Suggested further reading in Barjars and Burridge (2010: 291).

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