Early childhood cognitive development

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This is course work. The only tool to be used, is the uploaded article and there should be absolutely no outside sourcing, answers must be solely made from the article provided. Answers must be around 3 to 5 sentences referring only to the uploaded article. Answer each question individually, not in essay form.
The Measurement Section
 Critique/Evaluate the Research Design issues:
1. What specific research design(s) did the authors use? (May not be stated directly you should be able to figure it out based on what you have learned)
2. Are there threats to internal and external validity? If yes, discuss.
 Critique/Evaluate the Sampling issues:
1. What is the population that the authors wanted to study (i.e., target population)?
2. Does the population (i.e., sampling frame) from which the sample was taken represent all of the appropriate people?
3. What type of sampling technique was used?
4. What are the implications of this sampling technique for the findings?
5. Are there issues with external validity?
The Data Collection AND Data Analysis Section
 Critique/Evaluate the Data Collection issues:
1. What data collection method(s) did the researcher(s) use?
2. What are the advantages and disadvantaged of the data collection method(s) used?
 Summarize the Results section of the article
 Critique/Evaluate the Data Analysis issues:
1. How were the data analyzed?
2. What type(s) of analysis and statistics used in the study?


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