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The Economic Coursework has to contain the following:
Question(1)600-800words must right about VAT(value added tax)
2.its about AD(aggregate Demand) must add graph for explanations or figuers don’t need to use the corporate tax for the first question
5.add examples must use these reasons for tax ( for government expenditure 2. correct market failure 3. manage the economy 4. redistribute income) i will attach the explanations it can help you more
7.i have papers that our teacher gave it to use to help use to get a god mark they are so many explanations for question one i will attach papers that explain the information and can help you to understand
1.Consumer and business budgets you must include it
2.AS(aggregate supply)
3.exelearat theory
4. you must use graphs to describe more or figures
5.must use the gaffer curve
6.add examples

PayPal Acceptance Mark

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