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Write about a very specific educational memory, something that has stayed with you (could be positive or negative, could be recent or from your early years as a learner/student, could be inside or outside a classroom)
content guidelines:
INNER VOICE (or “first voice”) This part records a “conversation” with yourself as though you are experiencing the event or right after. The purpose is to make a partial record of the many things that go through your mind at the time. It is often “fragmented”, or “stream of consciousness” and most of it need not make sense to anyone else (this is similar to how you would approach a private journal or diary)
LETTER TO A FRIEND (or “second voice”) You should select an actual friend to write to. You want to tell your friend about this educational moment or experience and what it means to you. (Remember, you should do more thinking about what details the reader will need in order to understand the experience clearly, as well as find the best words to express the significance of this moment/event.)
ACADEMIC ESSAY (or “third voice”) In this version, the story of what happened is no longer at the center of your purpose. Instead, you look more to the impact. What issues does this raise ? What did you learn? Is there some kind of “general truth”? It calls, in other words, for more “analysis” —-and the insight or “distillation” that results from this analysis now becomes the center of the communication.The insight should then be backed up by selecting the aspects of the experience that are most relevant. It is a highly desirable to incorporate something we have read/discussed in class (for eg, Lynda Barry or Sir Ken’s talk) or another reference (again, look to model to see how this was handled)

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