Elderly Maltreatment

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Elderly Maltreatment
Abuse of the elderly has become a major issue in many countries. This is because of the high rates of abuse of elderly people. It is difficulty for people to understand how the elderly people are being abused without knowing the cause, effects and solution. This makes it hard to help the elderly people. Most elderly people are harmed either physically or emotionally by the care giver or any other person. The elderly people are also exploited financially. One has to understand the causes, effects and solutions of elderly abuse so as to understand what elderly abuse is. Elderly people are unable to carry out activities and only depend on relatives, caregivers or any other person. Many countries have established facilities to care for the elderly people. Majority of the elderly people are not taken to caring facilities, but receive care from home. They are cared for by relatives in their homes. Though care givers and relatives help in caring for elderly people, they also abuse them. Elderly abuse has become a major issue in many countries like United States…..ORDER NOW….http://unimasteressays.com/order/

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