Emergency Preparedness/Disaster Activity

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Emergency Preparedness/Disaster Activity
Emergency Preparedness/Disaster Activity (total: 100 points)
Go to one of the websites on the CDC web page listed below. Select one of the CDC training videos or articles.
After reviewing write a one paragraph summary of the content (50 points).
Then respond to the following questions:
What was information that you knew previously before viewing the video or reading the website?(10 points)
What was new information that you gained? (10 points)
If you could ask the CDC a question about this topic, what would it be? (10 points)
How can this information be used by public health nurses? (10 points)
Is there a community partner that would benefit from this information? (10 points)
Post your activity in the Emergency Preparedness/Disaster Activity forum’s Summary & Response topic.
CDC Training videos/articles:
Mass casualty:
Natural disaster and severe weather
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