ems unit V case study

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Read the following scenario and complete the following assignment:
As the public information officer for the county police department, you are called to the chief’s office to discuss an
A police officer was detained yesterday following a crash with a school bus due to suspicion of driving under the
influence. Reports are citing quoting sources that say that this officer has been pulled over three times before for
driving under the influence, but nothing had been done because his “buddies” helped cover the incidents up.
The chief has asked that you prepare a statement for the news conference that will be held at 1:00.
Assignment: Choose a theory of crisis mediation discussed in this chapter and explain why you think it is appropriate for
handling this organizational crisis. Based on the theory that you have chosen, develop a statement that can be used by
the police chief to provide information to the public. Your completed document should be two to three pages.

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