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EIS Assignment 1
General Requirements
This is an individual assignment that is based on a case study topic, for which you must do the following:
• Undertake some reading and research about the case study scenario, and identify what you consider to be three of the most significant information security risks pertinent to the selected topic.
• Discuss each of the identified risks in detail, highlighting reasons justifying it as being significant, risk assessment factors, potential mitigation and control measures, and what actions would appear in a risk control strategy plan to demonstrate confidence in the effectiveness of the suggested mitigation and control measures. Support your arguments with at least 5 qualified references, where no more than 2 can be from web sources such as Wikipedia or online blogs/forums. You are expected to examine articles from appropriate ICT journals and conference papers such as may be found through the library online databases and/or google scholar.
Case Study Topic:
A government electoral office is considering a method to make use of an online voting system but is concerned about the best way to authenticate the voter identity.
This assignment contributes 15% of your overall assessment for the topic. The grading for this assignment will be according to the University rating scheme [HD, DN, CR, P, F] for each segment with proportionate weightings as below:
a) Risk Discussion
Risk Assessment.
Risk Mitigation and Control.
Risk Control Plan Strategy.
1. The assignment report should be submitted as a pdf file (username.pdf) to the assignment space by the due date. Ensure that you have appropriate identification of your work in the header/footer of your report, and include a cover page which includes all of your student identification { SRN, Name, usernameg, workshop day/time and tutor}.
2. Presentation: This assignment should be submitted in a structured report format, which implies at least an Introduction, the main part, and a Conclusion. Inadequate, inappropriate, and incorrectly documented references will be strongly marked down.
3. Expected Length: The introduction and conclusion are likely to be relatively brief { perhaps about a third-
to-half a page each; the discussion segments should take 2-5 pages for each of the identified risks; overall around
10 pages could be regarded as an approximate report document size.

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