Entrepreneurship Essay Fall 2013

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Entrepreneurship, Fall 2013
Assignment: Female Entrepreneur Interview
For this assignment, you must identify a female entrepreneur in the KSA and interview her. You may do this on your own or with a partner. It should be done in person but by phone is acceptable. The report of your interview should be from 3-5 pages. The following provides a guide for the kinds of questions you should ask. However, you are not confined to these questions. Your interview should be a conversation rather than a stop and start, question and answer session.
1. Her name, the name of her business and where it is located.
2. When the business was founded; what does it makes or provides? Annual sales or another measure of company output; number of employees, if any.
3. What led her to become an entrepreneur? How and when did she come up with her business idea and why did she choose the kind of business she is in?
4. What were the steps she took to start the business? At what point during the development of the business did she write a business plan? Or, perhaps she didn’t.Did she have any assistance in writing the plan or planning her business? What?
5. What were her biggest challenges? What were the barriers and road blocks she had to overcome?What surprised her most? What obstacles were specific to the KSA?
6. Who provided her with the most encouragement and support as she started her business? How?
7. How did she gain the knowledge and skills she needed to start a business?
8. Did she have a professional mentor or coach? Did she belong to any professional networks? If so, how helpful were they to her?
9. Who helped her financially and/or to find funding? How?
10. Did she get any support from other sources such as a college program, a government program, or other institutions? Were there support mechanisms she encountered that were specific to the KSA?
11. What and/or who was of the MOST help to her in starting her business? Why?
12. What else does she think important to mention about the process of starting and staying in business? What advice does she have for other aspiring entrepreneurs in the KSA?
Grading will be based on the richness and relevance of the information you gather through this interview.

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