Environmental Regulation and Business Strategy Assessment Assignment

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WW1114A Environmental Regulation and Business Strategy
Tom is an investor who considers himself environmentally conscious. He is approached by Summer, who runs a waste management company called 500. Summer is seeking to build a waste-to-energy incinerator in the Dundee area and needs investment. She hands the plans over to Tom who is immediately impressed with what he considers to be an environmentally-friendly alternative to landfill sites, as well as a lucrative business opportunity. Tom is very excited and discusses the idea with his sister Rachel, an Abertay graduate with a special interest in environmental law. She looks horrified and tells him not to invest, but he laughs and tells her she knows nothing about business, having signed his agreement to the project that afternoon. Despite his positive response, he is now a bit concerned and decides to seek advice. He is particularly concerned about the increasingly litigious character of a local action group, Green Tay.
Advise Tom on the proposed development. In particular, relate your advice to:
i) Waste management regulations and forms of environmental assessment.
ii) IPPCs which could be granted in this area.
iii) Modes of public participation within the regulatory framework which may be utilised by Green Tay.
The advice must be balanced, in that both sides of the argument are analysed: it would be unfair to give advice in practice which only consisted of information favourable to the client’s case. Students should undertake full analysis of the relevant domestic and EU provisions, as well as principles of environmental law, and draw these together with competing academic perspectives. The conclusions then drawn should be well-evidenced and full reference should be made to appropriate and relevant legal authority.
Word Count: 3000 words.
Courseworks should be properly referenced; ensure that all legal sources are adequately referenced and also that proper use is made of primary legal sources as well as secondary literature.

Please use your own words and do not attempt to “cut and paste” or paraphrase your answer from electronic or paper sources. This will be treated as academic deceit; please see the University’s policy on academic deceit on the portal

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