Essay analysing SEL and its role in early childhood context

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Write an analytical essay. Essay should provide detailed overview of social/emotional learning (SEL) and why it is important in early childhood settings.
You must include:
-Informative intro that includes a definition of SEL, establishes the significance of SEL, and indicates the key points you will be addressing in essay.
-A detailed discussion about why SEL is important in early childhood education (ECE). consider aspects such as:
-factors influencing social and emotional development
-children’s health and wellbeing
-any risks associated with poor social/emotional development
A detailed discussion about impact of poor social/emotional development on classroom practice. Followed by strategies you could utilise to support SEL in "your classroom".
-A concise conclusion that summarises and synthesis key points.
APA 6th addition to be used and no Google websites, Wikipedia, or dictionary definitions to be used.

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