Essay on Critical Reflection and Annonated Bibliography

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There are two components the assignment, the first an annotated bibliography and the second a critical reflection.
a. Using the four sources provided and produce an annotated bibliography in good academic English. Your annotation should be between 600-700 words (150-175 words for each source). Each annotation should consist of the source’s bibliographical details (using Chicago 15th B see the file in Blackboard). Each annotation must describe the empirical focus of the article, and the author’s argument. You then need to make a critical assessment of the strength of the author’s argument and the extent to which they have backed it up with evidence.
b. Having completed your annotated bibliography and considered the materials presented in class on nation building and ethnicity in Indonesia, write a 400-word critical reflection on the physical, social and political importance of ethnicity in Indonesia. Your critical reflection does not have to be referenced, but it should have a clear structure (introduction, body, conclusion) and be written in good academic English.

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