Ethics and the Management Accountant

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4. Requirements
Topic 1: Ethics and the management accountant
Management accountants have a responsibility to numerous groups, including their employer, their profession, and the people who use and are affected by their work. Balancing these responsibilities is not always easy and can lead to ethical conflicts. Discuss, using examples to illustrate your discussion.
6. Assessment criteria
In assessing submitted assignments consideration will be given to:
> Overall neatness, completeness and quality of presentation. Graduate students are expected to achieve a satisfactory standard with respect to this criterion as a matter of course and for this reason no credit will be granted for achieving it. However, assignments that fail to achieve the minimum standard in connection with this criterion will be penalized. The expected standard concerning this criterion is as specified by the University’s General Guide for the Presentation of Academic Work.
> Timeliness of submission. Graduate students are expected to be able to meet reasonable deadlines for the submission of assessable work as a matter of course. For this reason no credit will be given for submitting the assignment by the due date. However, assignments that are submitted late will be penalized at the rate of three marks out of 30 per day that the assignment is late.
> Demonstrated application of appropriate cost and management accounting knowledge, skills, values and attitudes. This criterion pertains to the overall quality of the content of responses to the assignment requirements. Specific factors to be taken into account include: accuracy, comprehensiveness, demonstrated understanding of the topics, and the location and effective use of relevant research materials.
Each essay is expected to be between 1,200 to 1,500 words (1,500 words being the maximum length). These guidelines exclude the cover sheet, abstract and list of references.

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