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My order is master level work, it is mostly software works and converting data using excel and using software such as Arlequin, hardy Weinberg exact test, powerstats and….. etc. I will attach other previous work which is done by a last year student for the same assignment but I am not sure if it has been done correctly, you think about it if you think it is good so you can look at it but please avoid copying it to prevent plagiarism. I will provide same references as that student used for this sample assignment. Please if you can use some other references as well. I will upload the dataset of 200 people of this assignment s well.
Notice please make sure finish all the tables, graphs and software works first, if any pages left you can use them for the writing.
Assignment details
You have been given a dataset containing Identifiler® genotypes from 200 individuals. Your first task is to analyse this dataset in terms of its potential usefulness as a database for individual identification purposes.
In an investigation being carried out in an Arab country, a match has been observed between a DNA profile generated from a crime scene stain and the DNA profile generated from a white Caucasian male arrested by police. The DNA profile generated is shown below:
D8S1179 8, 17
D21S11 34, 34.2
D7S820 9, 9
CSF1PO 8, 14
D3S1358 14, 14
TH01 8, 10
D13S317 9, 10
D16S539 14, 15
D2S1338 19, 19
D19S433 11, 14.2
vWA 18, 18
TPOX 10, 10
D18S51 11, 19
D5S818 8, 9
FGA 18.2, 19.2
Match probability estimates using this database have been provided for the investigation but the defence team has raised the inappropriateness of the database as an issue.
Your second task is to evaluate why the defence team may have raised this issue.
You must present your results in a scientific manner (take a look at published articles) detailing every analysis carried out and discussing the results obtained.
Learning outcomes
This assessment will test your ability to meet the following learning outcomes described in your module booklet:
1. Apply the principles of population genetics to forensic science.
2. Analyse and assess genetic data using different population genetic software.
3. Critically evaluate genetic data using statistical analyses for forensic purposes.
4. Present and defend the rationale of forensic DNA evidence in relation to population genetics theory. <br />
5. Discuss and evaluate critically the genetic relationships of individuals and populations.
Assessment Criteria
1. Evidence of thorough data analysis skills.
2. Evidence of ability to interpret results accurately.
3. Evidence of wide reading and comprehension.
4. Evidence of incorporation of independent thought.

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