Evolution of Dance

Topic & Angle:

Continuing our discussion about media literacy, we will assess, analyze, and reflect on a viral internet phenomenon. When something “goes viral” on the internet, it means that that thing has gained sudden, perhaps unexplainable popularity, and becomes a short-lived, extremely popular shareable piece of media.


Lil’ Bub is one example of a viral meme:



In an analysis, you need to provide your audience with a new and interesting insight into your topic. You will need to explain the meaning of the phenomenon, analyze its structures and features, and examine it through the lenses of cultural and social contexts. In the introduction of you will need to give background information about the phenomenon you are analyzing, including the interpretative question you wish to ask about your topic. Your main point or thesis will answer that question briefly. You should focus on the questions of how andwhy this particular subject went viral on the internet. What made it so appealing to a widespread audience? What caused people to share it? How did it get shared, and how did that context affect its popularity? What was the response and/or the reception of the



To that end, you will need to locate, read, and incorporate at least two internet sources—articles!!—thataddressing the subject of your paper. If you have difficulty finding something, come see me.

We are not only continuing to analyze media as a way of becoming better critical thinkers and digital citizens but also starting to question or challenge what makes an internet phenomenon just that.



For an analysis, you can assume that your audience is already generally aware of your particular topic. They are more interested in your interpretation of the topic rather than a total history of it.



Papers must be at least 750 words long and must conform to MLA formatting guidelines:
12 point, Times New Roman font
1” margins all around (except at top, where header is)
Double-spaced with no extra spaces between paragraphs
Proper heading with name, professor’s name, class title, and date
Proper headers with last name and page numbers, ½” from top of page
An interesting and descriptive title


Works Cited Page that lists the source you’ve consulted

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