Examine an aspect, or aspects, of how Naomi deals with or considers loss.

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I need an essay on the novel called OBASAN by Joy Kogawa. A moving novel of a time and a suffering we have tried to forget. Read the book and write an essay on it. One of the following quotes should be included in the thesis:
In the future I will remember the details of this day, the ordinary trivia illuminated by an event that sends my mind scurrying for significance. I seem unwilling to live with randomness" page 5
What, I wonder, was uncle thinking those last few hours? Had the world turned upside down? Perhaps everything was reversing rapidly and he was tunneling backwards top to bottom, his feet in an upstairs attic of humus and memory, his hands groping down through the cracks and walls of the damp cellar, to the water, down to the underground sea. Or back to to his fishing boats in B.C. and the skiffs moored along the shore. In the end did he manage to swim full circle back to that other shore and his mother’s arm, her round moon face glowing down at her first born?" page on 14
The following are what I want on the essay, In order to make mine unique
-I’ll need the first page to be just an outline that breaks down the essay.
-Being a short essay I’ll need a clear and brief introduction which should a little bit of the author’s background.
-A precise, concise and specific thesis is really important please
-Supporting quotes in the body of the essay are very necessary please.
-This essay should be more like an argumentative essay
-Every aspect of the book should be touched. For example, the concept of religion in the book, racism, silence and articulation, trauma, documentary and archives in the book and many more.
– 1 or 2 secondary sources should be included to support.
– Work cited should be in MLA format.
-Our primary source which is the novel should be cited as well

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