Examine and assess the claim that “there is an international community of states that enables nations to cooperate with each other according to agreed rules and in shared institutions”

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The question on the topic field ask you to explain and evaluate the claim that relationships between states are ordered through an international community of cooperation.Aspects of the state are discussed in Chapters 7,8 and 9 of Exploring Social Lives(Introducing Social Sciences,Open University)chapter 9 focuses particularly on the relationships between separates states and discusses competing views about whether and how they are ordered.You will need to assess the strengths and weakness of the different approaches and of evidence upon which they draw.
Each paragraph should present one main point supported by relevant evidence.In addition, you will need an introductory paragraph and a conclusion which summarizes the position you take (for example, your positive and negative evaluation of the argument.
References from the chapters should be included. I’m looking for a minimum 1500 words and a maximum 1650

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